Veteran Rescued From Yacht

Veteran yachtsman Peter Charles had a miraculous rescue from sea after he was stranded at sea with an injured leg. The sailor, who is 73 years of age, had been getting a yacht delivered from Queensland to Darwin.

He was less than 100 kilometers from reaching his destination when he injured his leg after a fall. He set off a distress beacon in the afternoon on Friday. He fractured his leg when he was about 16 kilometers from reaching Snake Bay that was on Tiwi Islands. The rescue was a complex operation. The distress signal was caught by satellite by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

This organization coordinated the rescue operation. As the veteran was unable to get off the boat, the Navy had to be called to board the vessel at sea. They brought the boat to the jetty where nurses rushed to the rescue and a helicopter took him from Snake Bay to a nearby hospital. Mr Charles stated that he was in pain though he was given sedation.

Mr Charles has faced drama in the ocean before as he had been skipper to a yacht in 2011 which had sunk in the waters nearby Indonesia which was 600 kilometers in the north of Darwin.

They had been at sea for eight hours after which he and two others had been rescued from sea. At that time the yacht he was skipper of had just completed the race from Darwin to Ambon. They had won a trophy as well as prize money which all went down with the boat.

In 1987 Mr Charles stated that his boat had been attacked by pirates while they were sailing from UK to Australia. They had stripped the boat of everything and stabbed him on both legs, leaving him to drift which days before he was rescued by a freighter. He then spent years working for a Athens Yacht Charter company, before heading off into the wind and the ocean on his own once more.