U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship Goes To Southern California

The 2017 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship was held on Eagle Lake in Ft Worth in Texas from the 16th to 18th June 2017.

The Southern California team emerged as the victors of this event. This was an invitational event that will help for the age group 16 to 20 years.

The Southern Californian team comprised of David Wood, the skipper and his sailing partners Catherine Reynolds, Jeffery Petersen and Max Brennan. Wood and his crew had a wonderful time in the last part of the race after being in the middle of the position table after the first stage of the round-robin. There were 10 teams that took part in the event and the Woods team was ranked in the 5th position.

The Southern Californian team picked up speed and steam after the round robin race and packed a punch during the knockout races. They first defeated the 4th ranked Jack Reiter and his team 3-0. In the semifinals, Wood’s team had to face an uphill task as they were pitted against number one ranked Porter Killan. They dropped the first race in the semifinals, but went on to win the semifinals with a 3-1 margin.

The final series was against strong Jack Parkin and his team. But, the ratings of the team did not matter to Woods and his team. They went on to win the final series of the race 3-0. Parkin and his team had to settle with the silver spoon. The Southern Californian team had a dream run at the 2017 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship.

With this victory, Wood gets an invitation to take part in the 2017 Governor’s Cup held at the Balboa Yacht Club in Corona del Mar in California from July 17th to 22nd. Wood also gets a qualification for the 2017 Oak Cliff Halloween Invitational to be held in New York on October 28 and 29.