Giles Scott Secures Sailing Olympic Gold

There was no other way that Giles Scott was going to miss out on the gold rush of Britain. After personal pain of missing out on London 2012, Scott secured a fifth successive gold medal in the Finn class having opened up an unassailable lead before the next medal race. Scott arrived in Rio as close as to the surest bet of a guaranteed British Gold medal.

The young player had already won 16 of his previous 18 regattas was unbeaten in two years and was a triple world champion. As he is a red-hot favorite, he carries a price both in terms of weight of public expectation as well as being targeted by rivals. Until this point, Scott had stoically dealt with all such pressures in a cool and calm manner.

Scott said that towards the later stages of that final race, he found himself welling up. It could hardly put him down as an emotional sort, but had a cry towards him. It was an amazing experience for him as the emotions were coming out in such a situation about which hardly remains duly prepared. All those years of working hard at a company specialising in Yacht Charter in Scotland have paid off.

To become successful inability to maintain that gap and come into the Olympics and win with a race to spare provides such huge justification for those decisions made earlier. There was an additional burden of filling perhaps the biggest shoes in sailing in the form of Ben Ainslie, his long-term rival turned America’s Cup employer.

In 2011, the two went head to head for the right to represent Britain at a home Olympics in what effectively was a gold-medal shootout between the two best Finn sailors in the world. To come here and win is really a dream come true as it involves hard work for both the player concerned and associated talented coach.