American Sailing’s Last Legacy Observed

Recently, The New York Yacht Club challenge for 36th USA CUP, presented by BMQR shortened for Bella Mente Quantum Racing formed a vast talent development partnership by Oakcliff Sailing for supplying the team having skilled and talented members in the team available on and off the water.

The agreement is actually considered as the first step when it is to make promises of establishing the legacy for USA sailing. For American sailors, a career in professional sailing is a way to top level sport.

There is a highly talented team of sailors are present in USA but proficient team sailors are extremely less. America is trying hard to find efficient and experienced sailors for sailing, but it is a very difficult task.

Oakcliff Sailing established in 2010 via sailors as well as philanthropists, Hunt and Betsy Lawrence with the aim to search caliber in sailing in the powerful country like USA. It is worldwide known that Oakcliff has built various American leaders via sailing and feeding the graduates in the USA’s Cup Program. As soon as New York Yacht Club challenge was announced, Terry was tried. However, after many thoughts, it is decided that Oakcliff will provide the real help.

The candidates for Oakcliff 2018 Sapling program, a real summer-long dive intro pro sailing is organized via apprenticeship at main Oakcliff campus with North Shore, that there will be advanced into the team. BMQR will offer their complete contribution to the Sapling Program scholarship fund.

Robyn Lesh a 2016 graduate from the Sapling Program, today work as the center’s High Performance Fleet Manager, appointed a syndicate design team, prominently led by Marcelino Botín. The joining of the team will be in the month of March in Spain. She was happy about the practical knowledge given for 36th America’s Cup.